Tuesday, April 07, 2009

31 Weeks

This week is spring break. Scott and I are busy preparing the nursery for the babies. We hadn't made a decision on bedding, so on Friday night I told Scott I wanted to go out and decide on crib bedding, and not come home until we had some. He asked if we would need to get a hotel. Ha ha funny guy!

Now he is busy painting the nursery and base boards. He is quite the perfectionist, which is great for me. It looks wonderful! My friend Lori is coming over to morrow to help paint the tree silhouettes, and then we will move in the furniture and put up the window treatments.

Kind of funny that we are so near the end and just now getting the room together. I think Emily's room was finished well before Christmas, and she wasn't due until April!

Other than that, spring break is just about being at home this year. I can't leave more than 30-45 minutes away, as per doctor instructions, which rules out a quick weekend get-away. Emily and I are cleaning out her closet, and having fun around here. Tomorrow she will have a fun time playing with Lori's two munchkins while we paint.

If all continues to go well I will be back at work next Monday. I hope to make it at least one more week, but hopefully 2-3 if possible. I am getting to the point where sleeping at night is difficult. I got up nine times to use the bathroom last night. If that continues either Scott or I will be moving to the guest room... he didn't mention it, but I'm certain I kept him up last night. No need for both of us to be sleep deprived. And other than being very big in the belly, I'm doing okay. Shortness of breath, and ultimate clumsiness have taken over, but that is to be expected. I have my next appt. this Thursday at 10 am and I can't wait to see the estimated weight for these two. We're guessing I am hauling over 7 lbs. of baby already.

I'm sure everybody has heard that Becky and Jay had their sweet baby girl last Thursday. I got to chat with Becky for a bit this afternoon, and it seriously grew my excitement for my two to be here. I so enjoyed talking with her about how the first week was going. Being pregnant at the same time was fun, even though we live so far apart, but I realized that having a newborn at the same time is so fabulous because we will get to relate to each other and give advice to each other via telephone calls. Then once Jenny and Katie have their babies, it will be even more fun!

Hope everybody has a great week! I will post nursery pics as soon as it is ready!


Katie said...

Can't wait to see the nursery!

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Ditto Katie's comment

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