Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Update

Today was a bit frustrating. Not at all because the babies have had set backs, but because I really didn't care for a nurse that Elias had for most of the day. Let me start by saying that EVERY nurse we've had during the entire process has been fabulous. For this I'm grateful. However, today Elias' nurse refused to take his isolette down even a degree. His body temperature was 98.1, and like I said yesterday, the orders said to take the isolette temp down 1/2 degree as long as the body temp remained above 97.5. Last time I checked 98.1 was well above 97.5. But when I asked her about this, she said acknowledged the orders, but said she wasn't comfortable with taking the isolette temp down until he was 98.6. I wanted to shout, "BUT YOU ARE NOT THE NEONATOLGIST!?!?" But I didn't.

So, now Elsie is farther along in her 48 observation that Elias. The good news is that I called in this evening after I knew the nurse shift changed, and spoke with the nurse now on shift for Eli. She basically said she didn't understand why he stayed at the same temp all day, and that she would be turning his isolette down 1/2 degree within the hour. Mind you, he only needed 1/2 degree to be even with room temp, and come out of the isolette all together! We were so close, and yet he stayed the same all day. Not because he couldn't do it, but because he was never given the opportunity to try. Grrrr.

The good news about today is that our Emily is fabulous. She comes with us once a day to the 8 am feeding so she can also see "her babies." Though she gets a bit rambunctious towards the end (every feeding takes 1 1/2 hours with the diaper changing, clothes, swaddling, and loving) she loves her babies, and does a great job helping. She actually gets whatever I need while I try to nurse both at the same time. She helps me keep them awake to ensure they are eating enough food. She gives them their 30 CC bottle supplement after they finish nursing. And today we tried out putting a baby in her arms. She ended up (sort of) holding both at the same time. She was so excited!

While I went back and forth this morning to make the 11 am feeding, Emily and mom were at this great place down the road called "Monkey Joes." They have over ten HUGE inflatables with slides that are a couple stories tall. As you can see from the pictures, Emily isn't afraid of much! Grammy only had to scale one inflatable wall to save her when she got scared. I sort of have a picture of this, but Grammy says she'll kill me if I post it. Sorry.

Emily got rid of some energy and by noon was ready for lunch. After lunch Mom dropped me off back at the hospital for the 2 pm and 5 pm feedings while they went home to get Emily in her bed for a much needed nap. Then Scott met me at the hospital for the 5 pm feeding, and to take me home. When he comes for this feeding he bottle feeds both babies their supplements.

So that is pretty much how today went. The back and forth between feedings and transportation is pretty much like that every day. We will be so glad when we get to take them home. When I start to feel sorry for myself or get teary I just think of the first time mom of twin boys who are also in the Special Care nursery, and have been since April 6. They still have a long way to go before her boys are discharged.

Between blogging my day's frustration, and being reminded of how lucky we are, and how much God has given us, I will make an exit from my pitty party and get over it. Tomorrow will be a better day! (And with a better nurse, because I overheard the frustrating nurse say she has the weekend off! WOO HOO!)


Meesh Hays said...

Kori thinks Eli looks like he is about to Kung fu chop Emmers!

It's amazing how tiny those outfits are and how much room there still is in them!

Anonymous said...

It is really wonderful to receive your updates on the babies. Bakersfield is so far away and the updates make us feel closer! Thank you.
Praying for 'nice' nurses and a quick homecoming.
Way to handle those big slides Lisa!
Kathy D.

Anonymous said...

Hi Malisa --
Ditto Kathy D. -- love the updates! Listen -- your mom will not kill you -- you are the mommy of her precious grandbabies! So go ahead -- post those pics of Grammy on the wall -- we'd love to see them!
Praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

Okay Colette, If Malisa posts those pictures you are both in trouble -- lets just say she did not catch my best side!

We are doing our best to stay upbeat today, but our babies did not get to come home today as we had hoped. We so wanted them home for Mother's Day! The doctor is telling us tomorrow they will be released. Just one more day -- we hope!

Thank you all for your prayers!

Lisa (aka - Grammy) :)

Justin said...

Happy Mothers Day

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, Malisa and Lisa!!
Malisa, I'm sure Grammy didn't really mean it when she said don't post her picture. You're just trying to help her get rid of that "prideful" thing....
Elias and Elsie are getting cuter and cuter, and Big Sister Em is such a great helper!
My prayers are with you.