Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Growing Babies

Today I took the babies back to the pediatrician for a weight check. Last week Elsie weighed 4 lbs. 14 oz and today she weighed 5 lbs. 11 oz. At last week's weigh in Elias weighed 5 lbs. 11 oz and today he weighed 6 lbs. 2 oz.

Obviously they both grew more than expected, which is fabulous and a huge load off. At last check last week Elias only grew a half ounce per day, and I worried this past week since that appointment that maybe he wasn't getting enough when nursing. Every time he ate I second-guessed if I was able to give them both enough to grow adequately. Worrying about this may sound silly, but I quickly remembered the same concerns that I had while nursing Emily those first few weeks. Our pediatrician still wants me to continue the supplement of Neosure but doesn't think it will be necessary to continue past four weeks.

I've found that for the most part, people (outside the medical world) aren't too encouraging when I tell them I am breastfeeding my twins. Many people act as though it won't last, and maybe "reality" will set in at some point and I will realize I can't do this. Other people make comments about how I should not feel bad when I can't nurse any more because at least "I tried." True. I won't feel bad if I have to stop nursing. I wish that more moms of twins in the hospital's Special Care unit had the support that I did from my family to breastfeed. But I am pretty sure i was the only mom of twins out of the four other pair who nursed.

There are many things that have been explained to me in the past month regarding milk supply and twins. I've also learned about how a mom's body automatically produces certain amino acids to give to the babies in-utero during the final weeks of gestation, and how when a mom delivers a baby (or babies in my case) premature, the mom's milk supply automatically includes those amino acids so the babies don't miss out on the important amino acids.

All of this information and the new confirmation that YES my twins can thrive on what I supply them amazes me. I am amazed at how God created the entire process. It is so brilliant. It is encouraging. And when I get exhausted from the 8-19 feedings a day times two babies I remind myself that I CAN DO THIS. I was designed to do this. And God will give me strength to breastfeed two babies for as long as He wants me to.

And of course, those who know me know that with every nay-sayer comes a fresh attitude of "I'll show you!" I am stubborn and determined.


Jill V. said...

Hi Malisa! I work with a guy who has a little boy about Isa's age and had twins a few weeks before Cade was born. Not only did his wife breastfeed the twins, but she had so much milk that she also pumped in between feedings. Her husband (jokingly) told me they were going to have to buy another freezer just for breastmilk. Hope that is encouraging- you CAN do it!

Anonymous said...

I think you are an amazing mother! Keep up the good work!

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Jill- That is SUPER encouraging! At first i had plenty of milk to supplement with Neosure added to the milk, but once the babies came home the frozen supply quickly diminished, and I had to give them Neosure formula supplements.

As of yesterday I am back to adding the Neosure to breastmilk. Super hard to pump in between feedings, but so good to hear somebody else did it successfully! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yes you CAN do this!

You get the stubborness from your father, but the determinedness from me! Ha Ha :)

Guess Who?

Oh, and a big WHOO HOO! on the weight gain!

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

What is so funny Mom is that the "whoo hoo" probably gave you away more than the determined part. I could totally hear you say that when I read it! :)

Jill said...

Remember too not to get discouraged if your milk supply seems to decrease at times- it will fluctuate, so just because it seems to go down, don't worry, it can also go back up!

And Isa just saw the picture of Scott and Eli and asked who they were (she's heard plenty about Elsie and Eli, so as soon as I told her, she knew who they were). Then she asked if we could "please, please, please go to Emily's house someday." :)

Meesh Hays said...

I think I just let down a little thinking about it! They'll both get so efficient at it that by the time they're so big it is impossible to do both at once, it still won't take any longer! I'm on your team, my Bessiefriend. God made us mammals with two feeding stations. Two babies, two boobies, no problem!