Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The big girl!

Emily has her big 4 year old appointment today. I swear I feel like we live at the pediatrician's office! :) In the past Scott has always taken Emily to anything that involves shots. I don't do well with shots, blood draws, or as it turns out... broken bones. Mindy is almost done with nursing school, and has worked for years as a phlebotomist, and yet I can't stand the site of blood. We couldn't be more different!

Emily knows she is getting shots tomorrow, and tells us that she doesn't think she'll cry because she is tough. I hope so. I hope Mommy is tough too! But I wanted to go so that I could talk with the doctor about a few things. Yes, I am that mom who brings in a list of questions.

Anyhow, another reason why I wanted to take her is because I really want to go to lunch after the appointment, just the two of us. Emily has been the biggest helper lately. Now that her cast is off she has stepped it up a notch with making her bed, unloading the dishes on the bottom of the dishwasher, and picking up her toys. She also is always concerned that I don't get to eat meals without almost always holding a baby. She has really matured with these babies to become even more patient, loving, and thoughtful. But I know that she still misses the days when she was the one at the center of our world, and she didn't have to share that attention with anybody.

I love this little girl. And even if it is just a doctor's appointment and lunch out, I hope our morning together will be wonderful!

Four year old shots are horrible!

When it was all over I told Emily we could go where ever she wanted for lunch. She said she wanted "Sushi and ice cream." Nice. So we went to our favorite sushi spot, just the two of us, and sat at the sushi bar. The chef was great, and showed Emily everything as he made our rolls which just endeared Emily to sushi even more. Of course she had a specific ice cream in mind, so after sushi we went straight to Sonic so she could have her Orange Cream Slush. Quite a bit of indulgence for one afternoon, but if you would have seen the size of the shots, you would overindulge her too! I'm so thankful for the time we spent together, just the two of us! I love me some Emily Grace! :)

A couple cute Emily Grace quotes-
*When she was nervous about getting her finger pricked to give blood I explained that Miss Penny (Aunt Mindy) does this all the time because it his her job. Emily responded, "Well why would she do that?"
*After the shot in her arm she cried a bit and said, "Oh man. Bumber. I really was hoping not to have any tears. Oh well. I can't be tough too much of the time."
*Finally, while eating our lunch she sighed and said, "I really wish there was more 'tofude' in my miso." What four year old says that?!?!?

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Linda and Greg said...

Hi Malisa,

I wish I had known about blogspot.com when I had my firstborn. I had SO much to write, just like you, about doc appts. and shots, etc. I had a premie just over 8 years ago. He had to have RSV shots for about 2 years. He was always so good and so happy. There was so much to think about and worry about. It almost seems like an eternity ago.
Sounds like your little girl is quite a help. That's so nice. I've got 2 sons now. My second was a term baby. They're both healthy and ALL boy. Those days thinking about shots and doctor appts and health issues seem like decades ago.

I enjoy reading about your blog.
And, by the way, insurance agencies suck! Excuse my french...but the insurance business has gone south, WAY south. It's terrible now.... no coverage hardly at all, and no one that seems to have a clue about what they're doing. All I can say is good luck and try and have some patience. It's tough, I know.

Take care!
Linda R. in Missouri