Saturday, July 11, 2009

Emily off to college?

We got a Bed Bath and Beyond sale circular in the mail yesterday that served as quite the conversation piece with Emily Grace. Its pages celebrate that time of year when recent high school graduates spend a fortune at Bed Bath and Beyond in order to make their college dorm room spectacular. The pages were full of X-long twin bedding sets, closet organizers, and mini laptop desks.

Emily was looking through the circular as I was feeding the babies. She asked me why the girls and boys in the pictures all were getting new bed sheets and stuff. I explained that the boys and girls were going to college, where they will live in dorm rooms all by themselves with their friends and no grown-ups. I told her this is where Becky lives (Becky = the daughter of Miss Shari, who kept Emily when I worked). Emily was intrigued by the idea of the kids going away without parents. She had lots of questions. They were mostly about who made the food for the kids, and how they lived without moms or dads telling them when to go to bed.

Then she asked if she will go to college. I told her that if she loved to learn, and did a great job in school, that she will difinately go to college. Well, I guess she had a some-what warped view of the entire concept because after I told her this she got a huge smile on her face and said, "Well, I guess I better pick which bed I like the best. I think I like the pink one. I will tell Daddy when he gets home so he can buy it for me for college. I think you need to be five or som-ting (something) and I will be five really soon! College is going to be so great!"

Yes, yes Emily it will. In but thankfully not until about 14 years from now. Until then I will keep working with her on concepts of time.

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Meesh Hays said...

Mine would have been about Emily's age when Steve went to college on Blue's Clues. Soooo adorable.