Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have posted a couple of times about the comments we've received when out with the twins. Most of the time people just don't think about how their funny questions/comments sound, and it offers us with some comic relief.

But today's comment was completely rude, and I believe clearly shows the ugliness that women show to each other.

My friend Lori and I brought the kids to Chick-fil-a for lunch. Emily and her friends were playing, Eli and Elsie were sleeping in their infant car carrier while Lori and I ate our lunch and chit-chatted. Eli's head was cocked to the side, LIKE IT ALWAYS IS.

This woman sat down beside me and motioned to Eli. She said, "If I bring him to you, will you please fix his head?" I can't even describe the look of pure judgment on her face.

I simply responded, "No thank you. He consistently pulls his head forward like that, and will put his head right back if I try to fix it. He is just fine, but thanks again!" (Ask my mom about this... Mom and I troubled over Eli's head every time we put him in his car seat until we realized he was JUST FINE and would put his head back where he wanted it no matter what we thought!)

The women (purely disgusted by my horrible abilities as a mother) then asked me, "How much did they weigh at birth? They are SOOOOO tiny! They must have been born REALLY early!"

I guess the comments when typed out in a blog don't do justice to the incredibly rude, ugly, and judgmental attitude that was worn on this woman's face and vivid in her tone.

Lori and I were completely aghast.

Please Lord, wake me up and give me a shove if I should ever be ugly to another woman.


Lori said...

She really was awful!

The Nguyen Family- Sacramento California said...

I'm sorry you had such a nasty encounter with such a rude and judgemental person. You know whats best for Eli and how he likes to sleep. Believe me... you have given me some wonderful advice to help me with my little one and you sound like your doing fantastic with your little entourage. :) I just recently took Jude to his first restaurant and here you are taking all three successfully!

Grandma Mary said...

Just goes to show you...well never mind..don't want to be as rude!!
What's important is that Eli is sleeping comfortably. If he wasn't I'm sure he would stretch or wiggle into a better position. just you never mind about the Southern mentality..
Talk about rude!! I guess it did ruffle my feathers a bit also! You got Emily through Babyhood just fine..
Love and kisses to all my babies and mom & dad too!

Grandma Mary said...

I do owe all you wonderful Southerners who aren't mindless a humble, humble apology!!
Be there soon!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people, yes I can they are't just in the south, they are all over. I think she is jelouse of your sweet, darling
babies, someday she will be prepayed, you may not see it. We are all human and we do the best
that we can, and us Moms know what is best for children, not matter how old they are.