Sunday, August 16, 2009


Today is one of those days that I just feel overwhelmed with blessing. Our children are amazing! I don't think I understood how much love and joy these three precious children would bring until they were here. And I am amazed at how much God has entrusted to Scott and me through Emily, Elsie, and Eli. When I watch Emily love on them I feel like my heart is literally swelling. She is such an amazing and gracious little girl with so much love for her brother and sister. I look forward to observing from afar as she teaches them things and explains life as only a big sister can.

Tomorrow Scott goes back to school. He is well now, thank goodness, and he has meetings at the beginning of the week until the children return on Thursday. He is at a school that is just fabulous. I'm so thankful that he works with such wonderful people. Emily and I have loved having him home this summer. Yes, he was in his office much of the summer working on comps, but we went with us on outings to town, and ate lunch with us almost every day. I know Emily will be bummed when she won't have her daddy around all day.

And our church. Scott and I decided to go to this church back in May of 2008. We went to a "Discover your Church" class shortly after, and planned on attending the class to become partners (members) shortly after. However I had just found out I was pregnant, and didn't yet know it was with more than one baby. When we walked in to the class, lunch was set up on a long table. The smell was so over-powering I had to immediately leave and go home. Luckily, we finally attended that class today and plan on completing the final steps to join East Lake. I have many past students that attend church there, as well as Amber who came with us when we started. The worship is amazing, and I have already learned so much from the speakers and pastor. THere are so many times when I compare churches here to the one I grew up in, and in so many ways they will never compare. I could only pray for a wonderful place to raise my children with wonderful people who love God, and Scott and I found that in this church.

Finally, this may sound sort of trivial, but I am so thankful for Skype! There are many Sunday evenings that we bring out the lap top and talk to Grammy and Papa on the computer. It is easy for them to see Emily and how big she is getting, and she can see her grandparents. She is often wild and crazy and has a hard time settling down because she is so excited, but she SEES them. She shows them "her babies" while Scott and I hold each baby up to the computer screen. They can see how much they've grown, and it eases the heartache a bit. Especially since my dad won't see the babies until October. Living so far away from my parents is so hard sometimes. And this is just one way that I survive that.

Anyhow, I hope you also feel tremendous blessing today. And when tomorrow comes and I feel overwhelmed again I will remind myself to remember this post and re-new my attitude!

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