Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday thoughts

A couple things on my mind this a.m.

- Baby personalities are not small. Scott and I joke that tomorrow Elsie will be talking and Elias will be walking! She babbles and coos about as much as he wants to kick and be held on up on his wobbly legs.

- Emily is ready for preschool. Her first full day isn't until Sept. 9. Before that there is an evening parents meeting, an open house, an abbreviated "practice" day, and finally their first full day on 9/9. I'm sure this is to help squelch fears that some preschoolers have, but my Emily is not one of them. She's ready to let the good times roll!

- Last night Scott and I discussed the progress of his program. Lately our family has had so much going on with our new additions to Scott's health issues that his program has taken a back seat. We worked out a schedule that we will need to adhere to that gives Scott time to complete his comps, and then his dissertation. Today is the first day, and I pray that we stick to it! I am so proud of him and can't wait until he finishes, but until then I need to do a better job supporting him and the time he needs to devote to his work.

- The twin sale is this Friday and Saturday. I plan on consigning the babies preemie and newborn clothes. I also plan on purchasing some boy-girl matching twin outfits from a friend whose babies are exactly a year older than our twins, and hopefully I will find another high chair to match Emily's old one. Last spring we bought our snap and go stroller, two bouncy seats, a swing, and some matching preemie boy/girl clothes. When they are young and go through things so quickly, consigning only makes sense!

- On Saturday we took Emily and the twins to the State Museum here in Columbia. We had never been there before, and found it to be really awesome. There are four stories, and we didn't even get to the fourth floor before the museum closed. Emily learned all about optical illusions, and she really loved the "Powers of Nature" exhibit. She learned the difference between tornadoes and hurricanes, as well as earthquakes, blizzards, and volcanoes.

- Sunday after church we had lunch with Linda. After that she came to our house and was playing with the babies. She was holding Elsie, and Emily was talking. As Emily walked away, Elsie followed Emily with her eyes until she turned her entire body to see Emily. She loves her big sister, and watches her every move!

- Tomorrow night our Bible study is beginning Beth Moore's Daniel study. Yes, we've already done that study, but it was so great and packed with so much info that we're doing it again. :) I can't wait!

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