Friday, August 14, 2009


... doesn't feel good.

Kidney stones are horrible! I will never forget the first time he had a kidney stone. We were in our house on Floradora and he stood up in our bedroom, and just about fell back down. I was so scared! Later, the emergency room doctor told us what caused the pain. She also told us that as a mother of three, she thinks her worst pain came from her own battle with a kidney stone, not labor. Wow.

And then I was reminded of how horrible they can be when our neighbor across the street got one. He didn't know what it was at the time, but suffered from such severe pain that his wife couldn't get him up off the floor to bring him to the hospital. An ambulance was called. And this is a tough man I'm talking about!

So, once again Scott has a kidney stone. Actually at last check he had three. Ugh. I guess the good thing is that we know what is causing the pain. But normally Scott spends about twelve hours in pain. He can take pain pills, and has even passed a kidney stone while on a field trip with third graders. I guess you can say he's learned to live with them.

But this time is different.

Scott has been in pain for over a week now, with the past four days the worst. It has never taken this long before. All he can do is take pain meds that make him nauseous and try to find a comfortable position to sit or lay. All the while thinking about his class and school that starts next week.

I hate that I can't do anything. I hate that I can't help make him comfortable or feel better. It is the most useless feeling. I am so frustrated at the situation. I'm a fix-it person, and there is nothing I can fix!

So if you would say a prayer for Scott, we'd appreciate it! He's at the urologist right now, and who knows what they will find. I'm afraid the doc will say he needs a stint or that they need to "break up" a large stone. But then again, if those two things aren't options, I don't know what he will do. I guess what I am most afraid of is the doctor not being able to do anything and sending Scott home again to wait.

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Colette said...

Praying - and hoping since it's now Saturday night, that things are better by now!