Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just the Two Of Us

This morning our friend and neighbor, Meesh, offered to come over and hang out with our sweeties while Scott and I went out and got some breakfast from the new bagel shop. This may not sound like a big deal, but the last time we were in a vehicle just the two of us was when I was driving him home from his kidney stone surgery back in June. And really, does that even count? No, I don't think so.

Anyhow not only did we get to ride JUST THE TWO OF US, but we got to go in Scott's truck. You all remember Scotty's truck, right? Its the "horizen blue" (I just call it purple) Yoyota that he's had for over ten years now. We love this truck. Scott loves it because it was his first new vehicle and he's always cared so well for it. I love it because Scott picked me up in this truck for our first date. I've always thought he looks so cute driving it.

So off we go in the Toyota. Loving our freedom, and taking full advantage of our musical selection. No Hannah Montana, no Veggie Tales, just music we chose. Fabulous musical freedom!

We had a great breakfast and I think both of us fully appreciated being able to finish our whole bagel from beginning to end without having to stop and rock, pacify, feed, or shush anybody. I actually was able to eat my food without getting indigestion, as normally I wolf down my food in a moment, always anticipating a possible fussy sweetie. We talked about news, education, and when we will need to separate the twins in different bedrooms. There were no interruptions, to potty breaks, no crying.

As we got back in the truck and pulled out of the parking lot, we toyed with the choice of getting on the freeway, or taking the back roads home. We chose the back road. It took longer, but gave us maybe five extra minutes. Its the little times that we have together, just us two, that I'm learning to appreciate. Having time together is tough most days, but when we do get to be just us, I pray we continue to recognize how special it is. Even if its just out for a quick bagel!

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Meesh Hays said...

My motives were purely selfish -I got to snuggle with cute people AND get a yummy bagel out of it!