Thursday, December 24, 2009

Babies Babies everywhere!

One of the things I looked forward to during our visit to California was introducing the twins to all of the other babies born to our friends in the past year. I couldn't wait to meet the new little people myself, and I've enjoyed seeing our friends and their precious babies.

Here are some highlights:

These are all the "E" babies! From the left is Ellery, Evie, Eli, and Elsie. There was a quite a crew that gathered together for pizza to celebrate all of our friends being near for Christmas. Becky and I hadn't seen each other since her wedding in Colorado the summer before last. It was too much time gone by. We were both grateful for our fabulous husbands who agreed to walk all our kids around Lowes long enough for she and I to enjoy a quiet moment at Starbucks together. I think Jay and Scott know how much we miss each other.

Jenny and I always get Ryan and Emily together to play when we're out. They love to play in Ryan's Pa's backyard. They get muddy together and have a big time. Now Jenny and I look forward to getting the twins together with Jack. We're quite certian they will get along just as fabulously!

I've seen so many cute pictures of Katie's little guy Henry. It was great to see him in person today, and to see him crawl around like a pro. Even though he was born just one day before the twins, he reminds me of the fun things to come with my babies as he is quite mobile. (I'm also reminded of the baby-proofing that goes with the upcoming milestones!)


Katie said...

It was great seeing you and your family! (And your mom's new family room photographs wonderfully...although I do miss the huge lamp :)

Anonymous said...

nice pictures ...Happy new year!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Jenny said...

Malisa, we had such a good time seeing you guys. Short, but sweet! Glad you are back blogging. I was wondering if you were okay.