Monday, December 07, 2009

Mommy Manipulation

Last night Scott and I had the beginnings of a great night of sleep. The babies were in bed and sleeping peacefully, and despite a few reinsertions of their pacifiers, they slept well through the night.

But then at 4:02 a.m. Emily walked in our room and told me her stomach was upset. I thought she was giving an excuse to climb in bed with us (something we rarely allow her to do) and since it was so close to the alarm going off anyway, we told her to just get in bed with us and go back to sleep!

You can imagine where we're I'm going with this. She eventually made it to the bathroom, but not before getting guck on our bed. Nice.

Scott and I agreed that Emily probably just had an upset stomach due to her eating many, many things yesterday. First of all, Emily tried octopus yesterday. Not a piece of an octopus, but an entire (small) octopus. She also tried frog legs. Then after a huge lunch, she snacked on lots of sweets and treats at a party. Then she had pizza and cookies at AWANA family night. Then we got hot cocoa to drive through the Bethlehem living Christmas story. It was no wonder her stomach was a little icky.

But nevertheless I kept her home from preschool today, if anything because I was afraid she'd walk into her classroom and announce to everybody, "I threw up all over the place this morning!" You know how preschoolers are. And with all the serious illness going around I didn't want to freak her teachers out like that.

She is at this moment sitting on the couch watching 101 Dalmatians. And after putting the babies down for their morning nap, I went down to check on her. I asked her if there was anything I could get her to feel better to which she acted as weary as possible and replied, "I'd like some ice water, and maybe a piece of a chocolate bar would make my tummy feel better."

Oh the manipulation. She's just fine. But you better bet that I got her a piece of chocolate, even though it was before 9 in the morning. Sometimes it just feels good to break all the rules in order to make somebody feel pampered. Even if she's being pampered for an icky tummy that has long since recovered.


Anonymous said...

I firmly believe that chocolate "cures" everything!
You are such a great Mom. Looking forward to seeing you ALL at Christmas.
Kathy D.

Anonymous said...

Just saw your post about little guys must have been terrified. I hope all is well and that he is healthy! You're so sweet with Emily - I'm sure she loved being pampered :)