Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The twins are 1!!!

Eli and Elsie had a fabulous backyard bash on Saturday to celebrate their first birthday. We had friends and family over for some dinner and cake and ice cream. I'm sure neither of the babies knew what was going on, but they both had a great time!

Here are some pictures of the event:

Some milestones associated with their birthday:
- Pulling up and cruising along tables and other furniture
-Crawls over to where I am and pulls up on my leg while whining "Mamamama"
- Is now drinking out of a sippy cup after months of hitting out of my hand whenever I brought one near
- Loves to swing in the backyard, and loves to dip his feet in the pool.
- Loathes diaper changing. All I have to do is lay him on the changing table and he begins crying "Neh neh neh." (No No No)
- Gives big wet open mouth kisses.
- Points to each member of our family when we ask, "Where is ______ ?"
- After he wakes each morning he loves to crawl in the bathroom and pound on the shower door until he gets daddy's attention. Then he breaks out in to the biggest smile of the day. I think he believes Daddy is playing hide and seek with him, but just isn't a good hider.

-Just began crawling for the first time on her actual birthday after being reffered to a physical therapist by our pediatrician only the morning before. (I've since canceled the referral.)
- Has a grin that rivals any, and isn't afraid to flash it to ya!
- Cranes her neck in the grocery store to gain the attention of strangers, and when they grant her their attention, she grins widely and kicks her feet. I'm pretty sure this brings joy to even the meanest customers.
- Makes kissing noises as she kisses. Especially loves to kiss her white "Merry Christmas" bear.
- Has rolls that cover her knee caps.
- Cocks her head to one side and waves, just like a southern belle should.
- Gives her brother and sister hugs.
-Loves to eat all foods, and makes "mmmm mmmmm mmmm" noises like she's savoring every bite. She especially loves cottage cheese.

Hard to believe these two beautiful babies are already a year old.


Pedro Garcia Millan said...
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Meesh Hays said...

Oh, how I love these little people!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Eli & Elsie!