Monday, June 06, 2011

Sunny, with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms

Summer always comes with a series of loud afternoon/evening thunderstorms. Last night was no exception. Emily had a friend over and they were watching a movie and munching on popcorn. Emily is sort of weird like her parents, and she typically marvels at the thunder and lightening. It was very apparent that her friend was very much afraid of the storm. As Emily watched her friend cringe at the flashes and jump at the rumbling that shook the house, Em tried to make her feel at ease by saying, "Ya know... that loud thunder is only the sound of angels bowling." (Just as she said that, one of the loudest bolts struck in a simultaneous whip of thunder) Emily paused, and then said, "See! There must be an angel up there doing a victory dance because she got a strike!"

It was a good effort. But it didn't help. Her sweet little friend was scared silly.

By this morning I thought the thunderstorm was a something of the past, so I was a little surprised at the following (precious) conversation that we had on the way to the grocery store:

Emily: Hey mom, take a look at the sky
Me: Yeah, what do you notice?
Emily: Do you see all those clouds gathered around the sun?
Me: Yep
Emily: Its like the clouds are the angels and the sun is God and He's gathered them all around to make an important announcement.
Me: So, what do you imagine that announcement may be?
Emily: I think He's telling them to stop bowling, because its scaring the kids.

All I could do was smile. Because once again, Emily Grace left me speechless. I love that kid.


Katie said...

That's pretty darn cute! Good thing you wrote that down, you definitely don't want to forget it :)

Jenny said...

Made me smile!