Sunday, June 12, 2011

Things you may not know about Scott Johnson...

Scott and I have some friends who marvel at the many new things they learn the more they hang with Scott. A similar comment was made to me by a neighbor this afternoon, and yet again a few days ago. I started to think about it, and decided this was worthy of a blog post. I'd be curious to know which things shocked/humored/horrified you the most...

1. Scott was originally a music major before he changed majors to education. He marched in the Rose Parade carrying his tuba three years in a row.

2. There is a large tattoo on his upper right arm.

3. When he was (much) younger, he got in trouble with the cops more than once. One specific instance was when he and his brother were throwing hot tar off the top of a building down on to the cars below.

4. He spent a month backpacking across Europe

5. He's had seven different surgeries

6. He accepted Christ on March 26, 1992 when he was 19.

7. He once lived with a friend's grandmother. She spoke no English, so he learned quickly. I still love to hear the way he orders at a Mexican restaurant.

8. Scott listens to crazy rap, heavy metal, and various other genres of music. (all but country, which he swears gives him headaches.) His favorite group is Rush, but he's also a big fan of Ozzie Osborne.

9. He was once a state ranked tennis player

10. In high school he had long blonde hair and wore a long dangly skull earring.

11. In high school he had a teacher tell him that he would never make it in college. His teacher also told him that she hated him.

12. While living in southern California he would ride his bike from the city of Santa Fe Springs all the way to Seal Beach every day.

13. His wife loves him! But I'm sure you already knew that!


noahsarahmommy said...

#10 still makes me giggle!!

Emily Whitecotton said...

Excellent choice for a post, I'm glad you put it on fb as well. First, I marched with a tuba too, and wish I had done several of the cool things that Scott has!

In regard to #11, I am certain that Scott needs to write a letter to this teacher once he is Scott Johnson, Ph.D. to tell her how wrong she was. My guess is that she will continue hating him even though she has this new information about his fantasticness in college. Though I don't know her, she just seems the type.

Nancy said...

Are "shocked, humored, horrified" our only choices? Because #8 has me pretty scared!

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Oh Nancy. If you only heard him rapping along with Snoop Dog! :)

Colette said...

#10 -- What - no picture to go with this one?
Cute post!!

Courtney said...

Proud to say that the only one I didn't know was the tennis thing. It's ringing a faint bell the more I think about it. And I've seen the picture with the football jersey, long hair and earring. It's awesome : )

Jill V said...

I don't know Scott well, but #10!!! I never would have guessed! I'm with Colette, I want to see pictures! :)

Meesh Hays said...

Maybe we should continue the list.

14. He loves when his wife's friends come over in their jammies at unGodly hours and borrow the strangest things. Oh, wait. Make that "tolerates."

15. He owns pants. The full-length kind. And dress shirts. (Most people do not know this about him, do they?)

16. He is the kind of guy who will euthanize a squirrel a neighbor's dog has mangled, when the neighbor can't do it herself.

Tim O'Keefe said...

It has taken a while, but I do know most of these things. How about him living with the homeless for a while to understand how that felt? That's a good one.

Definitely worth the blog post.

Now he needs to do one for you.