Monday, February 27, 2006

Waffle House

Scott took Emily in to see the specialist today about her never-ending ear infection. We take her in tomorrow morning at 6 am to get tubes. She has be put under, but it is only a ten minute surgery, and after about three hours start to finish we are able to go leave. I can't wait until a night can pass without Scott or I seeing 3 am. Poor Emily needs some relief obviously too! THe poor girl is a trooper!

Which is what brings me to the Waffle House. I don't know what it is about this little family tradition that we seem to have started, but whenever there is a hospital trip involved, we seem to make a breakfast trip out of it before coming home. Something about the emergency, or outpatient care seems to leave us starving, and so it has come to pass that any time a member of the Johnson family must go to the hospital, a bit fatty breakfast must follow.

I guess this started when Scott had his kidney stone attack a couple years back. Scared the CRAP outta me. But at least after four hours in the emergency room we were both rewarded with a greasy omelet and some hash browns. Then came the pregnancy. Eight emergency room trips for Terbutaline shots to stop labor meant eight trips to BJ's for breakfast. And then of course when Emily was just two weeks old, Scott had knee surgery. BJ's again.

The restaurant of choice in the past has always been BJ's. Now that we are in the south, we think that tomorrow will finally be the day to try out the Waffle House. We have driven past so many times and said, "look how crowded. They have them at every restaurant, and they are always packed!" We have heard stories about the "loaded hash browns."

Hopefully after a long morning, The Waffle House will not let us down. I hope that by the time I post tomorrow that I will have gained a pound or two. All this up all night junk, and I deserve it! :)

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