Monday, February 20, 2006


After a couple days to calm down over Saturday evenings "bash the working mom" fest and your votes of confidence, I am pretty much over it. I went to work today somewhat nervous about a presentation that I was giving in front of about forty teachers in the district about independent reading and conferencing in the Reader's Workshop. I was also not to thrilled about leaving Emily.

However, once I got going into the presentation, I realized that maybe I was really good at my job. Could God possible have planned for me to be a working mom because He has full faith that I can be a great mom, and still do a great job in the classroom? I think so. I love my job, and to be honest, even though I would LOVE to stay at home and be the "perfect" mom with Emily all day... I really think that if and when I get that opportunity in the future that I will REALLY miss my professional life. I think that it took the stupid comments of a bunch of insecure catty women for me to realize that it was okay to be a working mom, and it is also okay for me to say that I love my job without feeling any guilt about my abilities to simultaneously be a great mom.

Anyhow, that is my epiphany for today. Thanks for your comments. I was really pissed and hurt the other day. I think if I ever see some of those women again I am going to take Tom's advice and tell them about my second job as a stripper. :)

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