Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why are moms so catty?

I have run into so many moms who are totally not honest. It brings me back to the Mennonite church that I grew up in where to admit one had a problem was horrible, and so people walked around with fake smiles on thinking that they were the only person in the world who was dealing with something, wether it be serious or not. New moms of little ones are especially bad. I don't know if this comes from worry that somebody else might think they are a bad mom, or what. But so many moms I know would NEVER admit that they have any doubts about motherhood in any regard. These women magically know how to do everything with their child. They know the best ways to discipline, they know how to have the perfect bed time routine, and they never get frustrated with anything dealing with their children.

Well, in my opinion that is a crock. Any mom gets frustrated when her child refuses to go down for a nap, or won't eat anything related to a vegetable. Moms question their decisions about things from when to start solid foods, to how long to let a baby cry it out. To think that so many women go around wanting others to believe that they are perfect drives me nuts.

Here is my question to moms like this: Why all the efforts to make me think that you are a perfect mom? Is it to make me question my ability as a mom, and then in return make you feel better about yourself? It is like the fourth grader in my class who makes fun of her neighbor's hair in an effort to draw the attention away from her own messy hairstyle.

The biggest area that these types of moms are drawn to is me being a working mom. I am so sick of moms finding out that I am a working mom, and then their first comments are, "Oh you are a working mom? When Steven and I got pregnant, we immediately made a commitment for me to stay home so that somebody else wouldn't be raising our baby." Well that is great for you and Steven. But it didn't work out that way for us, and I think God wants me right were I am. And I know that my happy Emily is find in with our set-up.

Then why do I question it and get upset when these crazies say things like this to me?

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