Monday, March 06, 2006

One year ago tomorrow...

Emily was born! I can't believe it! I thought about setting the alarm to 3:32 am (the exact time my water broke) and waking Scott up to tell him "it was time" just to see what he would do in his sleepy stupor. But I have decided against that. That first week of being new parents was so challenging with all that Emily went through. It is unbelievable how all of that plays no part in how she is today.

To look at how different our life is now than it was a year ago is crazy! And in so many ways in addition to becoming parents. Emily has totally changed the way that I see all children. I watch her as she constantly learns new things, and it never ceases to amaze me at how fast she catches on. I love to watch her explore and observe everything around her. What a little learner she has already become!

The other night when I was reading her a bedtime story, she reached down for the bottom right corner to grab the page. She couldn't quite separate one page from another, but when I separated them for her, she knew to grab the page and turn it. And once the page was turned, her attention went back to the new page. Little things like that are so simple at first, but it just amazes me. It also makes me realize that even at her young age, she is constantly watching our every move.

She is truly a gift from God.

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