Sunday, March 05, 2006

This weekend

Let me start out by saying that I feel a little better about the cafeteria lady. I am still going to have a little chat with her Monday morning about how stupid she was to have said what she did, but I am proud of myself for not getting angry with her Friday.

Well, our weekend started out pretty well. Scott takes a class that meets most Saturdays, so after we all ate some breakfast together, he was off until his class at four. Emily and I played, and after lunch we got in the car to run some errands. We had a birthday party to go to in the evening, so we ran over to Target to get a gift. About half way there I start to feel a little yucky.

Now... I have to go back and explain what has been going on in my school district. There is this AWFUL virus that has been going around. It really hasn't hit too bad at the school that I am at, but Friday another school not far away from us actually sent all the kids home early at 11 am because they had 300 reported absences due to the virus, and by 10 that same morning, another 100 kids were sent home. The entire population of the elementary school is between 700-800. That is a lot of sick kids! Other schools have seen dramatic amounts of sick kids due to the virus too.

So back to me driving to Target. I don't want to go home because I had already got both Emily and I into the car which any mom knows is a task in itself. So in we go. I'm almost finished shopping, and I start to feel totally ill. What can I do? I push the cart with Emily over to the restrooms, and the cart doesn't fit. I leave Emily outside the bathroom while I run in and totally lose my lunch. Nice. Luckily after that I feel some relief and can check out.

By the time Scott got home, I was feeling a little better, but I still ended up in bed from about 4:30 yesterday evening until I woke up this morning. What a horrible thing! Luckily, Scott and Emily haven't gotten it so far. I just pray they don't!

Needless to say, we missed the birthday party. I still had a mild fever this morning even though I felt just fine when I woke up. Scott took Emily to church and I stayed home, not wanting to spread any germs. I got two hours of house cleaning. Wow. I couldn't believe how excited i was just to have a couple hours of uninterrupted house cleaning time.

Later this afternoon we all went outside so Scott and I could do some yard work. And now that I have brought Emily inside, I type this scared because Scott's yard work has turned into him burning the dead "stuff" that he has raked up in the yard. I am totally fine with small little fires to burn tumble weeds and such like my dad did when I was little, but when I saw Scott bring the gasoline can out of the garage, I got a little nervous. If nobody hears from us in days, it is because Scott caught the house on fire!

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