Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Zoo

Today has been the best day. We decided last night to put our family zoo pass to use and go today. After breakfast we went, and had such a great time.

This is Scott and Emily in the Lorakeet exhibit. For a buck you get a nectar cup, and the Lorakeets come and eat it from you. (I have another with two Lorakeets on Scott's head, but his eyes were closed in that picture.) Emily thought this was terrific.

Here we both are in front of the Sia Ming exhibit. I wish that we could have audio that could accommodate this shot. It was so loud. Why aren't they called "howler monkeys?" I think for a moment Emily got a little scared.

We also went off to the giraffes, gorillas, elephants, tigers, lions.... a lot. I am so pleased to have a beautiful zoo near by.
Oh! And also on the other side of the river from the zoo is a 15 acre botanical garden that is attached with zoo admission so the entire zoo is full of amazing plants and flowers. Right now everything is in bloom!

The best part of the day is we were done by lunch, were able to eat lunch, and get home before Emily's one o-clock nap. We all took a nap. It was great!

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