Friday, April 14, 2006

92 degrees on Easter

So what is up with the near 90 degree temps here? Oh my gosh! And Hurricane season doesn't "officially" begin until June 1st. But apparently the forecast came out that a "major" hurricane will hit the east coast this season. I guess just because it hasn't happened in awhile statistically makes it more likely, therefore the 81% number was flashed on the news. Either way, Scott has prepared our family with an "all weather" "S.A.M.E" technology radio that is set to wake us if a terrifying warning were to come through for our county in the middle of the night. (Thanks Sam for that info!)

But, until then, we are just going to enjoy this early humidity and high temps. Emily sure did enjoy the baby pool in the back yard this afternoon. (As did Dakota.) I sure hope they get moving with our neighborhood pool so that it will be ready soon!

I can't remember the last Easter that I had when the temps were around 92. Happy Easter everybody!

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