Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tornados today

This afternoon we had a tornado warning for our county. A "tornado watch" is when they expect that the current conditions could eventually produce a tornado. A warning though means that an actual tornado has formed.

Well... wasn't this exciting. We spent over an hour in the hallway where it was safe. Some students cried, and when it was time for dismissal, we couldn't dismiss students. I think we only stayed about fifteen minutes after dismissal, but still. When some children had parents who were picking them up, the others who were left got upset that their parents weren't there. Besides that, we had to sit with the fifth graders too, and the entire hallway was packed. Ah, and I can't forget to mention that the hallways aren't air conditioned... just the classrooms but the doors had to remain closed for safety. Very stinky in that hall, but I guess if something drastic happened, we would all be safe.

But then I get home right away (scott had already picked up Emily) and they are calling for tornado watches and warnings all over the state. Nothing much came after that. Rain and a bit of wind, but surely not the golf ball-sized hail that was predicted and pelted other towns and quite a few tornados formed, and many of those touched down. Scott thinks about a dozen in all.

Very interesting. I learned a lot today.

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