Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Last Day of School!

Today was my last day of school. It was pretty much the hectic, emotional, quick-paced day that most last days are. However, this was really a special group of kids that I have, and I am really going to miss them! The entire year was great, the school was fabulous, and even though I volunteered to go to the new school (i have always wanted to start a new school) I couldn't have been happier where I was this year. The district is the country club of school districts, and they are the nicest people all the way around. They even provide district movers to come into our rooms after we have packed up and move our things to the new school. FABULOUS!

Now saying that, the past four days Scott and I have had more dealings with FUSD. Long story short, it was ANOTHER bill that never got paid, and we never got the bill in the mail since we moved, and we actually got sent to collections... all taken care of now thank goodness. However, in dealing with our stupid, lame, district that I HATE I found out that FUSD stopped paying our insurance company on my behalf. They told the insurance company that I had been terminated from employment as of 4-1-05, and thus stopped paying them for me to be covered. But they still took a few hundred out of my paycheck the entire time. Hmmmm. The insurance company lady said this was the fifth case of this from FUSD, and she things personally that it is some sort of fraud, because this had only happened to those families with both spouses working in the district. I guess they figure if most of the bill gets picked up by the primary holder, it won't matter if the secondary holder isn't covered... maybe they won't notice. What the heck? It all got handled, but not before I called the district benefits office and they looked me up only to say they had no record of my employment. ??????? HUH??? Ughhh!

I guess my point in all of that is I am so thankful to be where I am. I know that this move out here was for Scott and his program, but I really believe that God's plan included me being where I am just as much as Scott. Maybe this week's medical bill fiasco was sent to remind me not to forget how fortunate I am to be working in such a great place. And to get me out of FUSD before I burned down the District Office.

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