Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stop Sign Vandalism

A while back I was leaving for work and every stop sign that I passed (three in all) had "Bush" spray painted in white underneath the "stop."

Okay, so my first reaction was, "hee hee! Funny! This republican sleepy suburb is going to FLIP when they see these three signs. It will be the topic of all conversations. "

And it was. But the thing is, it wasn't just the three signs. Literally every stop sign has "bush" spray painted. Then a couple weeks passed by, and I was coming home from work when I noticed that now somebody spray painted in black "don't" ABOVE the stop. Woo, I feel a battle a-brewin! So now late at night, I am guessing these vandals go around and either spray out or re-spray on top of the other's marking. It is rather stupid, and I am sure they will eventually be caught either way, but still. What a bunch of cowards. "let's go out in the middle of the night when nobody can see us, and vandalize street signs to promote out view of the president."

But, I guess that the attention they were seeking was achieved, because every morning when I go to work, i make sure to look to see who is winning the battle of the stop signs, and I guess the presidency. It keeps me amused.


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