Monday, July 24, 2006

Scott's going to kill me... mwhahahaha

Scott has put in so much work into our backyard, it is crazy. It really looks like a different backyard. And there are constantly things that need to be fixed around the house. I have these really cute stickers that I bought of power tools, and I have a vellum quote book that contains a page that says, "isn't it nice to have a man around the house?" I thought, wouldn't it be great to do a page for our family album with different pictures of Scott doing work around the house?

That is when I started taking pictures of him doing odd jobs around the house like tightening cabinet screws, building shelves in the garage, or whatever.

I think I really annoyed him Sunday afternoon when I brought the camera out while he was mowing the lawn in the ninety-five degree heat with 90% humidity. The first picture describes that quite well. Then...

Isn't this better? Nothing says, "Get that camera out of here" better than this fat fake smile.

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