Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What to do with

So this evening I came home from my small group bible study feeling very frustrated and a little annoyed. I have this problem with not being able to help myself from saying when I disagree with something. This does not work well in my bible study where one member frequently tells the rest of us what is right.

I have a big problem with these absolutes, often because I don't necessarily agree with them, but sometimes even when I do agree, I feel that they AREN'T absolutes, but merely his interpretation of what is being read. At what point does a verse in the bible go from an absolute truth from an interpretation? Yes, the part about Jesus dying to pay for our sins... that would be an absolute. But when he says, "it is finished" before he dies on the cross... I thought that was a phrase of the time used to describe a payment in full, thus his death for our debt. Tonight I was told that this phrase "it is finished" has to do with God's plan for us being laid out in entirety.

Ughh. Not that I necessarily want to debate what this phrase specifically means, but I am annoyed that my bible study has become this place where somebody feels they understand exactly what these passages all say, and that I must be wrong. (or whoever disagrees with this person, though nobody else voices any disagreement.) This is the bigger issue. The above was simply a "for instance" from this evening. There have also been other "absolutes" about word meaning and other things that I find trivial to the purpose of our bible study.

Also, being the reading teacher that I am (and being married to Scott) I totally believe that there is a transactional process that occurs between any passage and a reader. This occurring with the Bible as well. I think that maybe one of the major disagreements between me and him (other person) is that it doesn't seem that he can entertain the idea of multiple interpretations of the same passage. Though I think there needs to be a point in which some truths are inarguable. But again, what is that point? What is left for the Holy Spirit to intercede and apply as needed? I don't know.

And finally, the big question: What do I do next? I really would like to take the easy road and just excuse myself from attendance, and find one of the many other studies in my church to attend. But I don't think this is exactly the right solution, at least not without some sort of explanation of why I won't be coming anymore. I do know that it isn't a good idea for me to go next week because I don't like the way that I feel about what is said, and I leave feeling frustrated. And I know that it won't work to sit back and absorb, never contributing to the conversation in case it means disagreeing, or simply asking a questions for clarification.

I can't believe how much I am bugged by this.

Suggestions? Ideas about what is an absolute, and what is left for question? Or maybe there is a right and wrong to every passage, and I just need to figure them out one at a time? Thoughts?

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