Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday anyone?

Now we didn't go out and do the 5am thing. (did any of you?) But we did go out for pizza for dinner, and then hit up a couple of stores. I thought it was going to be crazy, but it wasn't that bad. We went to Toy's R Us, and got four different gifts for Emily, and spent only $25. Lovely jack pot. We got her the Fisher Price Doctor's kit, a kitchen clean set (for her new kitchen set my mom bought for her earlier this month) a string puzzle, and her first Barbie doll. Very exciting.

I plan to pack all of these things in the bottom of my suitcase when we fly out to Ca for Christmas, and then pack them up to fly them home once Emily opens them. Scott thinks I am nuts, but I want Emily to have presents under the tree, not have to open them two weeks before Christmas and leave them behind.

Then we went off to A.C. Moore. It is kinda like Michael's but has a much better scrapbooking selection. I had the token "60% off one non-sale item" so I got a tool kit that I have been wanting. (Sam's probably the only one who knows what I talking about) and also picked up some great paper, and some basic solid color packs. Also I got some storage filing systems for my paper. I have been waiting to get this organization stuff for a long time. Merry Christmas to me! I feel kinda bad that I spent so much, but most of it was all on sale!

The best thing... our state has made this "tax free weekend." Everything is tax free... from Christmas gifts, new cars, and cigaretts. As if we needed another reason to get people out shopping this weekend?

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