Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day...

I remember sitting in the Portela's livingroom during the 2004 Presidential election and thinking I really couldn't imagine what it would be like if Bush won again. He did, and I think I was in denial. I was really upset over it. Quite different from the 2000 election, when at 20 I really couldn't make up my mind about who I would vote for, partly because I was still so self-absorbed that I didn't pay attention. How sad is that?

Today in our lovely blue state, South Carolina's republican governor is ahead by 2%. What a bummer. I won't get into all the hairy details as to why this guy is a moron, but much of it has to do with his view of education. But another big deal to me, us I guess, is the school board race. Kinda of interesting in our school district. It sits in two counties, seven members, the majority of the population in Lexington county, so that county gets five seats on the board. The smaller population of the school district sits within Richland county (where we live) and gets two seats. What makes it interesting is that we can only vote for the seats within our own county. So there are people on my school board who i will never get to vote for or against.

Oh well. I guess I will be thankful that I can remove the school board election propaganda from my home and car. Hopefully those people will be voted in. In case you were wondering... Scott and I have huge magnets on our car for the school board candidate, bumper stickers, and signs in our front yard. We did our part I guess. Now I can take it all down.

So all of you Californians... my daddy tells me he is sick of the recorded phone calls. Sounds almost obscene how many phone calls they get (cel phones too). Anybody else been getting them?

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