Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fair Highlights

Some of you probably know that I am not the best at being still for long periods of time (I know, shocking isn't it?) which makes me not the best person to go to a concert. However, I can handle a fair concert which lasts only ninety minutes or so. By the time the did their couple of encore songs, I was ready. Don't get me wrong, I like Third Day a lot, and was enjoying it, but the length was perfect for my short attention span.

Of course we ate way too much food last night. There was great greasy food everywhere. I have to chuckle at the person from the Pepto Bismol advertising department who decided it was a good idea to pass out free samples in the middle of Food Row. Nice. Scott made sure to pick up plenty. We had corn dogs, fries, lemonade, and funnel cakes. Yum! I love funnel cakes. Now I am not the type that likes that canned fruit compote garbage on top. Just the word "compote" sounds nasty. Too close to "compost." Maybe the same idea. Just some powdered sugar and cinnamon for me please.

We met some friends there to go to the concert, and the three wives went on some rides together. The husbands all made dumb comments about not wanting to go on the rides... something about not being bolted to the ground... meh, whatever. We did the twirling swings, the spinning cars that go round and round, the euro slide, and that ride that you lay down on and it makes you look like you're hang gliding. Fun fun fun. I seriously felt ten again.

After we looked at some exhibits, we decided to head out for a beer before going home. I had such a great time, and I think Scott did too. I haven't seen him that relaxed in months. The fair is always a good date.

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