Thursday, October 18, 2007

wednesday ramblings

This is what's on my mind about now:
* Going to the fair tomorrow. We're seeing Third Day, eating food, and hopefully going on the big people swings. I sure hope the huge thunder storms and possible "severe weather" doesn't ruin our fun. I have been looking forward to this date for weeks.

* Oh darn. I forgot to tape Grey's Anatomy. Shoot.

* I love my job. Have I said that lately? I love it, love it, love it. I had a fabulous day today.

* Emily went to bed so much better tonight. I tell ya, the kid hasn't been falling asleep until well after 9:30 this week. I can't deal. Finally today she went right in and read her books, I turned off the light, she fell asleep. Just as it should be. Thank goodness.

* I probably need to wash the car this weekend. Boy do I procrastinate with that. I hate washing the car. Anybody else want to do it for me?

* Only a few weeks until Becky and Jay get here, which is great because I am really having issues with missing my friends and family as of lately. Their visit is going to be so needed. I can't wait!

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