Sunday, October 07, 2007


This morning at 5 am, Emily and I dropped Scott off at the airport here in Columbia. He will fly to CA and meet up with his mom and they will drive back here. For those of you who don't know, Linda is moving to Columbia with us for awhile. The plan is she will find a job here and then find and buy a house. For the past year or two we have anticipated this happening. We knew that when David was gone there would really be no reason for Linda to stay in San Bernardino. (Seriously one of the ugliest cities I have ever visited, among other things.)

Now I have really been thinking about this, and gearing up for it since August. I joke around with friends about how miserable I am going to be, and how mother-in-laws should never move in no matter if they are nice or annoyingly awful. But really, Scott and I are thinking this will be okay. Linda really has no relationship with Emily, as they have never spent any length of time together. This will give them the opportunity to learn how to interact with each other. I know Scott likes the idea of being able to help her out, and we're both glad that she will finally be closer. (Though in another household is preferable of course.)

I know there will be rough times as we transition into the new addition to our home. I know that uncomfortable conversations about disagreements are things that come with the territory. But these conversations are quite necessary if we are ever going to spend more time together, same house or not, and I do want to get to know her better.

Above all, I am proud of myself for being the wife that says this is okay, I am proud of Scott for being such a loving son to his mom, and I am so thankful that God provided us with a house with an extra bedroom.

We're already off to a great start because she sold her house and it successfully closed escrow Friday, she bought a new car (something she completely deserves), and she is all packed up. Scott hopes to have the drive finished by Thursday. I will keep you updated.

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