Sunday, November 18, 2007

Farm Boys

We found this place, Farm Boys, a couple of years ago. It is a local restaurant, no chain. It actually moved into a new building about year ago. This place is awesome! They have the best BBQ of those we've tried. For those who were as clueless as I was before I moved here, most of these style restaurants have a buffet line. In that line you can find both mustard and vinegar based pulled pork, hash to be served over white rice, creamed corn, collards, lima beans, smoked ribs, cole slaw, homemade mac and cheese, hushpuppies, and of course your basic white roll. It is seriously a carb fest, and most times everything on my plate is the same color. But it is so good.

Friday night we went here with Linda. THe entire restaurant is decorated in country farm/pigs. (Think BJ's Kountry Kitchen decor). There is a sign in the bathroom that says, "If there are no more towels in this here dispenser, use your clothes." Nice. Everybody knows everybody, and the dining area resembles a dining hall at the church camp I went to as a kid. Everything is throw away plastic plates, and styrofoam cups, which is a whole issue in itself. The pitchers of sweet tea sit out on each table, and there are rolls of paper towels on a stick to be used instead of napkins.

The place is huge now that they are in the new building, however there was a wait that extended around the cash register. People just wait for an open table, and then go sit down. It has made quite the name for itself.

I wish the place would be open this next weekend so we could take Becky and Jay while they are here, but the entire restaurant closes down for both the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a culture all in itself, and something we totally want to share with anybody who comes to visit.

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