Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Disaster??

I meant to post regarding this last week. But I'm just now getting around to it.

Last Monday as I filled my coffee cup before work, there was a loud bang, loud enough that I dropped my cup. Now mind you, it was 6:40ish ( I typically leave for work by 7 am) and where we live it is extremely quiet. The bang was so loud, I thought a bomb had gone off in our garage. I opened the garage door, and there was steam everywhere. Once I opened the big garage door and the steam blew away, I noticed our hot water heater was gushing water out the bottom.

I ran back inside and yelled up the stairs, "EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY!!!!!" Scott still thinks this was absurd of me, but it was however an emergency! As I waited for him to come downstairs, I pulled the car out of the garage and made sure none of the picture books from Scott's classroom were in the line of water. But they weren't.

Scott came down, we frantically pulled the water off and the gas to the water heater off. Then all we could do was watch while the hot water heater emptied, and hot steamy water poured down the driveway into the street.

We stood there, somewhat helpless, and realized that a huge purchase was about to set us under for the month. (Sure enough, we have some sort of "special" set-up with our water heater that safely releases the carbon monoxide from the unit. And by safe I mean EXPENSIVE!) But all we could do was grin and shrug. We sat there in a hug and all that came to my mind were the lyrics "It's just another manic Monday....."

I don't think I will ever forget that moment. I was so happy for both of our calm attitudes, and for Scott being able to tell me he would handle it. Off I went to work with a smile, and before I got home, the new unit had been installed. Expensive purchase that we didn't expect? Yes. But no big deal. I love life. :)

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