Sunday, December 09, 2007

My tough kid

For those who haven't experienced Emily, she is a very tough kid. She knows no fear, and there isn't much that stands in her way of experiencing life. She isn't afraid of swimming pools, loud fire trucks, or riding horseback. Sometimes this fearless tough attitude really freaks me out! The full effect of Emily's toughness was in full effect this week.

Wednesday night Emily got sick. Some sort of viral stomach thing we guessed. Every time she was "sick" it would be really horrible... one of those things parents loath, as being unable to comfort. When each occurrence was over, she made some comment like, "I think I should go the doctor mom." Then she was off playing again. God must have figured I could never handle watching my child in pain, because my kid just shrugged her shoulders and off she went. No whining, no crying, no drama. I stood amazed, remembering all the times I (even as an adult) would be so disgusted and teary-eyed after vomit. (such a gross word)

Finally one last thing I'm reflecting on in regards to my kick-butt toddler. We were outside today (in shorts and t-shirts in the 78 weather) playing and Em was walking down the stairs from our kitchen to our back yard. She fell down and ended up flat on her back at the bottom of the three stairs, laying on the brick patio. Since she is laying on her back, she looks up and sees me. I must of looked horrified, because she immediately popped up, saying "I'm okay mom. See? No boo boos! It's okay mom, really!" Thanks for the comfort, I guess. I really love our tough kid.

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