Sunday, February 10, 2008

Before and After

I already sent out text messages and an email, but in case you didn't see those, Emily is doing great! You can see her huge tonsils in the first picture, and if you make it big enough you can even see the blood pumping through those bad boys. She was such a trooper with the entire process. We were amazed at how quick she recovered! This is surely something more easily done with little ones. Em went into surgery at 7:30 and was out by 8:05. She was thirsty in the recovery room where she started sipping juice. This was a very good sign since most kids won't drink at all the first day. Em had jello and broth for lunch, and kept asking for a hamburger. So for dinner she ate a nice hospital meal of baked fish, potatoes, bread and squash followed with chocolate cake for dessert. The only reason she had to stay over was because kids typically get dehydrated if not drinking, but with this not a problem, they detached her I.V. before she went to bed, and our ENT came in to discharge us by eight the next morning.

So far we can see a real difference with Emily's snoring... there isn't any! So much in fact that while she was napping yesterday I kept wanting to check on her since I couldn't hear her through the baby monitor. So quiet! She is pretty much down to one pain medicine dose a day, and is back to her normal self. She ran errands with me this afternoon, and will go to Ms. Shari's tomorrow as normal. I thank God for my amazing little one!