Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tomorrow's the big day!

Emily has her surgery tomorrow to remove her tonsils and possibly her adenoids. Really, I am not worried about how the surgery itself, but rather how Emily will feel when she wakes up. She is really tough, and I hope that is evident tomorrow when her little throat is in need of healing. I will stay with her overnight, and I imagine Scott will stay until she is asleep for the night. Then we come home Saturday.

Through the process of going to the pediatrician, the referral to the ENT, and the hospital date, I kept thinking about what it would be like if we didn't have health care. Yes, we did pay a deductible of which the insurance company will reimburse 80%. But what if we really didn't have health care at all? Or what if we lived in a nation where doctors and facilities like these aren't available? We are so blessed to have access to all that we do!

Once Em gets to feeling better I can't wait to snap a picture of her new tonsil-free mouth. I am sure that sounds bizarre, but I got a really good one of her tonsils last night and I can't wait to put the before and after next to each other. Like some sort of demented makeover?!? :)

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