Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Busy me

So I don't mean to make excuses, but I decided to post the top ten reasons why i haven't updated my blog. Ready?

1. Emily. The girl just takes time. And it is a good time. And she just got a trampoline for her birthday. Three is a fine time.

2. Scott+Malisa+Guitar Hero = more wasted time than I want to realize. But oh, what fun we have together!

3. Going to the gym requires going to bed early. Most blogging takes place at my house after 10 pm

4. Student Intern: Love her, she will be a FABULOUS teacher. But unlike popular belief, this is not just a free time for me while she teaches. This is a explain-everything-and-talk-through-each-lesson thing. A good thing, but time consuming nevertheless.

5. Church Women's Softball. Need I say more?

6. Emily's birthday party on Saturday. I'm attempting to make her a Cinderella cake, among other time consuming things.

7. I probably haven't even mentioned that I am attempting my National Board Certification this year. Four entries, 13 pages each, plus two fifteen minute video entries of me teaching. What a procrastinator I am! Oh, and it's due 3/31!

8. Saturday mornings are now consumed with Emily's swim lessons. Fun!

9. For some reason, this year I have subscribed to more magazines than ever before. The list goes: Time, People, US News & World Report, Newsweek, Real Simple, Better Homes & Garden, and some new women's magazine. Fun to read, all of them.

10. Probably the most important thing is that I have finally acted on the importance of a daily quiet time. I am still in Joshua, but I am learning. And I am sticking to this new habit and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing my time is spent well.

So... all of that to say, I will try to post more often. I have some great pictures of Emily on the trampoline. What fun! Hope everybody is well.

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