Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily Grace!

Friday was Emily's third birthday. It was one of those moments when I felt cheated with time. Where did the time go?

She had a wonderful birthday, though the weather wasn't so great. She got a 14' trampoline from Papa and Grammy, but we were unable to play with it at her party because the wind gusts and the cool change in temp. Oh well. We had a great time playing indoors with all her friends.

Emily choose a princess theme this year, and so everything was the Disney princesses. She told me she wanted a Cinderella cake, and I tried my best. When Em saw it she was very concerned that Cinderella's legs would have cake all over them. (Little did she know that I had turned Cinderella into an amputee in order to make the cake work!) Then she told me that the cake was beautiful, but did the doll talk? No Emily. She doesn't. Oh well, it was beautiful anyway.

Now that she is three, she is trying to master making her fingers say three. This takes much effort. She is getting so big!

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