Friday, March 14, 2008


I am in sort of lazy/comatose/reflective mood as we go into our weekend. I have National Board Certification stuff to work on, since the entries are all due 3/31. I spent today sitting at a coffee shop trying to finish the second of four. (that's where the lazy part comes in).

We don't have much for weekend plans, which is good. Other than the Saturday morning swim lesson and church Sunday morning, we are pretty much free to get some things done around the house, catch up on school work or vege. (that's where the comatose part comes in.)

Talked to Becky the past couple nights. Boy do I miss my friend. Now that I have been in SC for almost three years (Holy gracious... seriously three years already... we've been in this house a year longer that the Floradora house?!? Crazy.) I realize that I go through this varying level sequence of reflection about friendship. Specifically about different friends and my relationships with them.

Some times I miss them, and I pick up the phone and it is all good. Other times I am the complete opposite, and all I want to do is find a way to visit, or have them visit. If we had more funds, this may have resulted in irrational last minute air fare at astronomical prices. When I am in this level of reflection I get very sad and have a pity-party-table-for-one attitude. Then sometimes I get to have somewhere in between, where I talk with my friend and have a wonderful conversation. Then I hang up the phone and fill overjoyed for the blessing that true friendship is, but at the exact same time I feel this overflow of emotion that makes me miss my friend so much it literally hurts.

That was me the other night. Thank God for the times that we have to fly out and visit. I am so lucky that we can fly out to see our friends and family, even if it is only a couple times a year. So I guess there you have where the reflection part comes in.

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