Monday, March 17, 2008

Our first major storm

Saturday night was quite eventful at the Johnson house. There was a storm that was coming, and the meteorologist predicted it was coming right for our area. And by right by our area, apparently it meant right down our street. It is crazy how specific these storms are. And unlike an earthquake, we know right when one is about to strike. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing because waiting anxiously for a bad tornado to come is sort of like bracing yourself for a car accident while driving on a Los Angeles freeway.

Anyhow, the funnel cloud did major damage in Newberry county. If you watch the weather channel (like my grandfather) you would see the wide spread damage where the tornado hit with 100 mph winds. THe funnel cloud passed over our house and didn't touch down, but we did get some major hail. Our entire lawn was covered, and we spent the time locked in the downstairs bathroom. It sounded like our home was going to fall apart as we were pelted with golfball size hail.

And the damage is that one side of our home will have to be completely replaced with siding because the hail tore about 100 holes into the siding. Scott's truck is fine, but looks like somebody took a hammer and dinged up and down the side of it and the hood. You can't really tell because they are that deep, but if you look in the light it is obvious what happened.

This is the best picture we could get. Interesting that it was covered in ice out, but yet the temp. was 75.
Oh, and my daffodils are ruined. Bummer!

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