Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Path of the Tornado

Today on the news we heard NOAA had finished their investigation of the possible tornados that touched down. There were seven that hit South Carolina. The worse one was the one that hit Newberry County and tore through Prosperity which is just a 6-7 miles away. According to NOAA, the tornado started out as a EF-3 tornado which means 100 mph winds I believe. When it hit the Ballentine/Chapin area, which is about 2-3 miles away, the tornado turned into a funnel cloud which went above our house. That's why we got the giant hail and strong winds. The tornado "skipped" over our house which explains why some tornados will damage one house but not another. The funnel cloud turned back into a tornado on the other side of the river about 5-7 miles from us causing more damage.

If you look at the map from the NOAA website you can see the black line that begins in Newberry County. That black line means the tornado/funnel cloud moved in that direction. That red dot is approximately where we live.

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