Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Field Trip today!

One of my favorite things about teaching fourth grade in South Carolina is the social studies curriculum. I get to teach from Berengia, all the way to the end of the Civil War. Challenging? Yes. But totally worth it. How fun is it to learn about the Rev. and Civil war, only to jump on a bus, drive 60 miles north, and actually tour a plantation home and actual slave quarters? On top of that, the place we're going today has actual battle trails from the Rev. war. Awesome!

So yes, I did wake up fifteen minutes before my alarm, and unable to get back to sleep, I am totally ready for school 45 minutes early. I do still get anxious and excited about a field trip just like I hope my ten year olds do. I do lay in bed the night before and play through everything in my mind to make sure that it will be a great trip. I do TOTALLY love my job. Nerd? Maybe. But I'm down with that.

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