Friday, May 23, 2008

Dancing with Cinderella

I think I have told many of my friends the phenomenon with this song. Its by Stephen Curtis Chapman, and comes on the christian radio station. Apparently it is not new, only new to me this past year. However, every time (and I seriously mean every time) this song comes on there is something going on that tugs at my heart.

For those who are familiar, it starts out with a toddler girl who goes to her daddy in her princess clothes and asks him to show her how to dance because she was asked to the ball. The dad thinks of all the things he has to do, but knows he won't have these moments long, because some day she will be "gone." Then the chorus is "... now I am dancing with Cinderella..."

Of course this alone can make a tear of joy come to my eye like a big joyful baby as I think of all the times that scenario has played out in our home. Emily is always asking her daddy to be her prince and I love Scott more every time. I am so thankful for my family and my husband who understands that she isn't young forever, and that every moment is precious. Sometimes I need that reminder more than anybody.

So knowing all that, I get into my car to drive to work yesterday and hear the news that Stephen Curtis Chapman's 5 y.o. daughter, who the song was written about, was killed by a car the night before. She was in the driveway and her teenaged brother pulled up and accidently hit her. She was taken to the hospital, but didn't make it.

There have been many "famous" people who have passed in my lifetime that have resulted in friends or family grieving. Princess Diana is the first to come to my mind. But for some reason this little girl who I never met represents something so precious to me that I feel I am grieving for their loss. Life is so precious and a child is such a gift. I seriously don't know if I can even listen to this song any more. But as we enter the summer months and I get to stay home with Em, I hope that I learn from this tragedy and remember to treasure the moments with my family.

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