Sunday, June 29, 2008

Looking forward to the Fourth!

I think we will have some neighbors over this Friday for the holiday. I am getting so excited about it, though I am not sure who will even be able to come. Oh well. Regardless, I am already planning the meal. Grilled hotdog and hamburgers topped with avocado and home grown tomatoes. My mom's recipe for potato salad, a pasta salad with fresh mozzarella. And hopefully Em and I can get out to the peach fields this week so that I can make a fresh peach cobbler and top it with home made vanilla ice cream. Yum! Last year we had a big freeze over Easter weekend that ruined all SC peaches, but this year I heard that they are so good!

Other than that, I am sure we will have some fireworks. Though probably relatively tame compared with some of the things we see people shoot off. There are hardly any restrictions and there are actually entire firework warehouses from which you can buy almost anything. We CA people aren't used to that (though I did grow up with Royce's big cannon-like thing at our church 4th of July party!)

So yes. Fourth of July will be great this year. I have already decided. Now I'm off to persuade our friends to ditch their families, and spend the evening with us!

P.S. On Saturday, the fifth, there is a fireworks display over the lake that we plan to go watch. Well, actually I plan on going to watch and will hopefully persuade Scott that it is a good idea so that he will come to. Happy Birthday to America!

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