Friday, June 27, 2008

Why I feel blessed today

1. The library. When there is nothing else to do, and funds are running low, the library is always good for a nice trip out of the house. I don't think I have ever thought specifically about the library being an indicator of the privileged country we live in, but I did today. I am thankful to have free access to so many books, and to visit there with Em.

2. Scott is home with us. Yes, he is working very hard from home to complete a video series, but he is still under the same roof. He still gets to eat his meals with us, and he still gets to tuck Emily in for her nap every afternoon when she asks. He doesn't have to run off every morning to work like so many dads do. I am so grateful to have him home again this summer.

3. Emily. Just in general I am so in love. Today at the market she asked me if we could get a watermelon. Then she asked if we could have it with dinner, like maybe with some hamburgers? Then she asked if we could have baked beans with our hamburgers, and if we could cook it all outside. This convo was very "give a mouse a cookie" style. I just love everything about her.

4. Nap time. Scott and I have always joked that nap time was the re-set button that Emily needed to be wonderful the rest of the afternoon. Well, I think that nap time is the re-set button that I need too. It gives me an average of two hours every day to do what I need to get done, or what I want to get done. Simply fabulous. Some days I take a nap myself, surely more than normal these days.

5. My birthday present. This year I asked if I could get my flute all fixed up and in good working order again. I have so enjoyed remembering how to play, and practicing some developmental pieces to get back in my game. Makes me ashamed I ever stopped, knowing how long it took me to get so good before, and now I can play only beginner stuff. Oh well. I am having a blast.

Now I have to figure out if I am going to use this free time during her nap to take my own nap, or practice my flute. Decisions, decisions! :)

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