Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Growing up

Yesterday I had an amazing day with one of my students. She was in my class this past year, and is seriously a marvelous young lady. We ran into each other at Walmart, and she said that she was having an okay summer, but was tired of going to day care. So I asked her mom if it would be okay to come pick her up and hang out with her for the day.

We really didn't do anything exciting, but rather just did the normal things I had to get done that day. We worked in my classroom with Scott, helping him move anything out of my class that was his and needed to go into his new classroom across town. Lunch at Olive Garden, and random errands like the bank and teacher supply store.

But even though there was nothing really that special about what we did, I loved every minute of my time with her. We talked about silly things during the time that she helped me do whatever I was doing.Little things, like putting the shopping cart away while I loaded up the groceries, and helping me unload the dish washer.

I guess part of the reason why I loved being with her yesterday is because it allowed me to see how things will be with Emily when she is that age. I spend so much time worrying about things that I will miss when Emily gets older. The things she will no longer do, and the things she will no longer need me for. But yesterday made me realize that even though Emily is getting bigger and growing out of certain things, she and I will do new things. There will be different ways that we spend our time together, and though they won't be better or worse in terms of their significance, they will still be wonderful things.

Just a random realization I guess, but nevertheless and important one. Reflecting on my day with my sweet student allowed me to be at peace with Emily growing up, and not mourning the loss of eras that come to a close with her growth. I'm excited to see who Emily will become!

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