Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hurricane Preparedness

On our way to Edisto Island we saw this gem. Yes, those are cinder blocks holding up that trailer. I bet that really helps the danger of storm surge. If I was in a hurricane, this is the house I would want to be in. Safety all the way.

When I first saw the beach houses here it took me a moment to figure out why the entire house was built up, so that the garage is actually the first story, and the rest of the house is built on top of it. I get that. But a trailer? Do they really think that is going to help?

THe first time we drove by it I wanted to take a picture to send to my dad to show him the beach house we were staying in, just to see what he would say. Then I started really thinking about the cinder blocks, and what is holding them together. I wanted to get close enough to see if there is any mortar, but when we went by on our final day, there was actually a car in front for the first time. I didn't want to be rude, as if stopping on the highway and snapping a picture of his house wasn't rude enough.

All I have to say is... if there is ever a hurricane while I am in the Charleston area I will know exactly where to go for safety!

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