Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Any other possible solutions are welcome

When I was younger (and still on my parents' insurance) I was told by both my Bakersfield and Fresno dentist that I had no wisdom teeth. I guess I just wasn't made with any. (No wise cracks about me not being wise!) I always thought this was a wise (ha ha!) decision that God made, knowing how horrible I am with tooth pain, and my aversion to going to the dentist at all.

Now let me back a bit and talk about my dental aversion. When I was twelve I was just a couple days from getting my braces removed. I was playing outside with my dad, and asked him to throw me "A really HIGH POP FLY." So he did. And I caught it... with my mouth. I totally blacked out, and when I came to, my mom had just arrived home and was marveling at just how swollen I was already. Three hours of emergency oral surgery later, and I was back home to find out that my treasured mouth metal was to be with me for at least another six months. Nice.

Then comes pregnancy. How does this tie in you ask? Well let's just say that besides my hair getting much darker and my bladder permanately smaller, another after shock of pregnancy is that it "drops" wisdom teeth in some women, becoming impacted. So now my "non existent" wisdom teeth were very much existing in my oral x-ray. I found this out in winter '07. I came directly home and cried to Scott. It was horrible. And that was the end of that. I just figured I could ignore the entire problem, and hope that it goes away.

But that doesn't quite work. I was reading Katie's blog where she mentioned Denise's wisdom teeth extraction, and I couldn't help but immediately feel the impacted teeth. I don't know what to do about this, since going to the oral surgeon is clearly not an option. Wish them away? Pray to God to remove any wisdom he bestowed on me, including my now apparent wisdom teeth? Ughh.

If anybody has any thoughts on how to get rid of these pesky suckers I would greatly apprectiate it. (And for those mennos who attend church with my mother, please don't tell her. As far as she is concerned, I was never made with wisdom teeth. The last thing I need is her trying to talk some "sense" into me! :)

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