Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween Costume Pic for Justin

Emily wasn't sure what she wanted to be this year for Halloween. She started off saying she wanted to be a sushi roll, but she later changed her mind and wanted to be Peter Pan, and later a cupcake, and then later still a banana.

Finally my mom called and said she found a cute unicorn costume. We went with it, and Emily loved it! Her back two feet were the unicorn's back legs, and the front legs hung down in front of her. On halloween night we went to the neighborhood party where she won most unique!

These pics were taken from Boo at the Zoo. My camera broke, so thanks to Lori for snapping these and passing them on! Emily is with Sara (Tinker Bell). By the way, Emily did have face paint on, and we quickly removed it after she couldn't keep her hands out of it. But the red you see on her face wouldn't come off!
Hope your Halloween was fun!

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